Monday, 15 August 2011

Is it a big part of me?

Recently I was having a discussion with some of my friends about homophobia, and in the midst of the discussion, the question that I had never thought of came up, is being gay a big part of me?
No, it is not, there are so many parts of me; I am a son, a friend, an uncle and a brother. I am a law student, an ambitious young man with many goals and dreams. Through my life experiences I have been shaped, built and moulded into who I am. There are so many big parts of me that make me the person that I am today. Different parts of me put together define me, but I actually still find it hard to believe that the fact that I am gay is actually the biggest part of me.
It is a big part of me because it has been a constant battle, between self and other people. I have also found that every time that I meet someone knew I always have to clear the air by saying that “I am gay.” 
From a young age, while the normal boys were out playing soccer, I was at home baking, playing with dolls and helping out with the kitchen chores. I have never had guys as friends; I just could not be bothered to talk about cars and engines, so I always found myself crossing my legs with girls and sipping tea.
As I went through puberty, hanging out with guys was a drag!  I just could not get them, they would be going on, and on about how hot this chick is, while in my head I was thinking how hot they are!
High School was like being in the battle field all day, insults and threats were the order of the day, and every day had its fair share of drama!
And now I have come to accept my sexuality, it is a part of me and it is who I am. Being gay is actually a very big part of me, and I take pride in that!



  1. much love nemo..we live in such a complex world and the fact that you can proudly stand and say you are gay..we live in a judgemental world ..a world at times which has hate, cruelty, lies, jealousy and a great deal of hurtfullness..always rememeber who u are and keep those few special individuals around u..much love nemo

  2. Thank you baby!