Monday, 15 August 2011

Here The Reason Why My Eyes Are Red....

The first thing almost all parents tell their kids when bidding them farewell on their mysterious journeys to university is that it is a place filled with temptations slapping you in the face from left and right – well not in those words LITERALLY, but you get my point. Now where they as parents sometimes go wrong is by over-protecting and sheltering us from all the “evils” beyond the 20-foot-barbed-wired-electric-fenced walls they built as high and as dangerously as they possibly could so that tasks as simple as sneaking out the house are now impossible. What I realized about these fellow comrades of ours that have been sheltered like the endangered Black Rhino their whole lives, is that once they venture off to university where no more rules are applied about how they should live their day-to-day lives, the amount of freedom they all of a sudden attain could be dangerous. I’ve heard of un-countable situations where people end up pregnant or drug addicts and really, how can you ultimately blame them when they never had the opportunity to learn self-control when placed in scenarios where there is an abundance of sex, alcohol and drugs – which universities takes the Nobel Peace Prize for. Thank goodness I wasn’t raised by such parents!!! Swiftly moving on, I was lucky to have been given juuuust enough freedom while growing up by my parents and because of that I managed to learn how to control myself under such dire situations. My advice for all the freshers out there is: Don’t Do Drugs,
Just Smoke Weed!!!
How I got into smoking weed is another story for another day, but
don’t get me wrong I had enough experience back in Kuvuki Land (my vi-
llage back home) to understand its effects. What university made me
realize is that the shit right here nigga??? The shit right here is on another level!! The reason why I would personally advise freshers to ride the weed train rather than hop onto the drug express is that I feel as though it is a good (and ultimately better) alternative for drugs. My friends have seen imaginary creatures, believed they were in space, laughed to the point where they cry, literally seen Heavens gates and most of all had the best sex EVER while high on kush. NB: put the joint down when you start seeing this many colours at once, TRUST ME!! Weed also tends to be a good escape from life and helps you de-stress and for a change just feel happy. 
And this too is a reality for a lot of people that I know. In some situations it helps with creativity, I wish this was true for me but unfortunately it isn’t. A lot has been accomplished by people while high and some  of my friends have admitted to achieving better results while high, I wouldn’t advise one to do this, but I’m #justsaying. As the saying goes: experience is the best teacher, let’s not get ahead of ourselves though. My point is; don’t drink and drive, smoke weed and fly…and trust me, you won’t regret it J

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  1. hahahahaha don't drink and drive! Smoke weed and fly!

    Interesting blog post, your first point on how "helicopter parents" over protect their children and deny them freedom while in high school is a very good one. Parents struggle with this, at the same time, they want to give their kids freedom, but how much do you give a 16 year old? Parenting is a very hard thing to do... at the end of the day, you don't want to give your child the greenlight to be another teenage pregnancy statistic...

    How much freedom should parents give teenagers in High School?

    It is a very tough one... you will see when you are a parent, you will always tell your daughter to leave her bedroom door open when a guy comes to visit her.